To support the dynamic development of the international business community in accordance with current trends and innovative social technologies. To create a safe ecosystem, that ensures that each market participant is able to sustainably achieve success on the short-, medium- and long-term planning horizon. Help businesses find similar minded associates, share their crucial competencies, build beneficial partnerships with transparently identifiable perspectives.

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Юридическая незащищенность

To eliminate the problem of legal insecurity of the entrepreneur;


To guarantee reliable protection of business rights in legal disputes;


To draw public attention to injustices of courts and other authorities;

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To create a legal field that facilitates the development of small, medium and large businesses;


To unite entrepreneurs to protect common interests.


“Modern business often finds itself in conflict situations, acting as an opponent to significantly larger organizations or power structures. With their enormous resources, they exert pressure on entrepreneurs by lobbying for their own interests or the interests of their beneficiaries, whether open or hidden.
In most cases, business is unable to cope with such a situation on its own, but society in its broadest sense is a much larger and much more powerful force than any organization.
We created the Association as a point of common effort, a foundation that unites thousands of businessmen around the world. By raising public interest and speaking with a one voice, we seek fair, transparent solutions from justice.”



The Association’s activities are based on an actual scientific approach. Experts of the Association perform international comparative research and make an annual rating of legal protection of business. It is based on the data of judicial and administrative statistics, rather than on subjective opinions of individual experts or businessmen, so the rating of legal security of business is an objective indicator. It reflects the probability for the business to lose a dispute when the truth is on its side. This probability is first considered separately for business disputes with the state and disputes between businesses. At each level of the dispute, the number of decisions cancelled by higher authorities is evaluated, and the sustainability of the practice is selectively determined – in such a way that on one and the same basis there is no gain from some businesses and no loss from others. The share of cancelled decisions and the share of unsustainable practices are then summed up and used to determine the likelihood of an inequitable loss. Disputes with the state and business-to-business disputes are weighted according to their prevalence and also summed up. The analysis of all generalized statistical indicators is accompanied by a detailed analysis of the most indicative examples of both negative (violation of business rights) and positive (respect for business rights despite external factors).

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