International Association for Business Protection is an international non-profit organization dedicated to full and comprehensive protection of business and entrepreneurs’ rights.

By the proven reliability of our tools we defend the rights of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

The widespread legal insecurity of business is the focus of our attention. Entrepreneurs are under pressure by organizations and forces, which have exceeding resources and access to the levers of power that ensures the outcome of dispute in their favor, rather than in the favor of justice and fairness.

Our main tool is based on the scientific analysis of data obtained by monitoring the legal protection of business at the international level. The Association’s experts gather data worldwide. These data include the statistics of disputes between business and state, alongside the litigation between different business representatives.

In analyzing the results of disputes at all levels, we estimate the number of canceled decisions and sustainability of the practice.

Monitoring of the latter figure allows tracking precedents and focus on cases when the court’s decision is different in regard to different businesses, despite the same basis.

The results of our research are the annual ranking of the legal protection of business.

Our practical challenge is to draw the attention of public and imperious institutes to such manifestations of selective application of laws, preventing unjust decisions that impact businesses worldwide.

Due to the strong analytical base, we can evaluate the probability of an outcome objectively for each particular case with embarking on a working strategy that is aimed at upholding and entrepreneurs’ legitimate interests and rights, both by the international publicity and by the involvement in the protection direct leverage over state authorities.

Working integrated and bringing together thousands of entrepreneurs and experts, we make business practice transparent, clear and protected from infringement by state and those companies with greater influence and capacities.